Used Tires from Bessler’s in Canton

Bessler’s U Pull & Save has the largest inventory of used tires. Our high-quality and cheap used tires are available for a fraction of the cost of new tires. Whether you’re searching for a single tire to keep as a spare or a whole set, no other lot has as many top-quality as Bessler’s U Pull & Save.

Why should you buy used tires?

Some may question why they should buy used tires when brand new tires are easy to come by. There are many reasons why one may choose new over used, but two primary reasons consistently come up: used tires save money and help the environment.

Save money. 

Saving money is the primary reason why people choose used tires instead of new ones. On average, tires that have previously been used cost between 30%-50% less than factory-fresh ones. However, this isn’t always enough for people searching for high-quality tires and aren’t as concerned about the price.

Tires are considered “used” as soon as they are put on a vehicle. Therefore, used tire lots often have tires that have only been used for a relatively short amount of time. As long as the tread is above 1/16th of an inch (or 1.6 mm) and there is no visible damage, you should be good to go.

TIP: an easy way to tell if the tread is too shallow is to do something called the penny test. Place a penny with Lincoln’s head pointing towards the tread. If the top of Lincoln’s head is visible, the tread is too shallow.

Help the environment. 

When you buy used tires, you’re not only saving money; you’re also helping the environment by preventing harmful rubber from going into landfills. Therefore, you’re doing your part to help the environment by giving used tires another chance at hitting the open road.

Why should you choose Bessler’s?

At Bessler’s U Pull & Save, we have over 1,400 used tires under roof and inventoried including complete sets of four like-new used tires, plus thousands more on vehicles throughout the lot. In addition, we invite you to check out our used car parts lot and pull your own parts.

We’re passionate about bringing affordable vehicle parts and tires so you can take your vehicle repairs into your own hands. If you want to save money and gain the satisfaction of repairing your vehicle yourself, Bessler’s is the place for you.

Our used tires are an affordable option for your everyday vehicle, your work truck, or as spare tires, and our on-site staff is able to help you find the right used tires for your vehicle. Visit us in Massillon, Ohio, located just outside of Canton.

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