Steps to Repairing Front End Collision Damage

Statistics show that drivers in the USA will file an insurance claim for their car about once every 7 years, on average. Many times, these are not serious collisions that resulted from a careless or negligent driver. Cars and trucks face all kinds of dangerous obstacles, not just in the road but in parking lots and even at home in your own driveway.

Steep driveways, parking curbs, and large speed bumps can scrape or catch the underside of a front bumper, damaging it. The plastic air dam which serves to force air upwards into the radiator can be broken or cracked, and could lead to overheating problems.

Another source of damage is low-speed impacts with items like fire hydrants, shopping carts, garage doors, and other fixtures of everyday life. It’s all too easy to pull forward into an object or misjudge the distance, only to hear the crunch of your front bumper caving in!

Many auto body shops will purchase the entire front clip of a car when doing collision repair work.

When you call your insurance company, they will take the following steps to repairing the damage. First, they will likely call a local auto body shop to assess the damage. The body shop will determine if the body panels such as the hood, front bumper, headlights, grille, and fenders can be repaired or if they should be replaced. Replacement is the most popular choice, as body shops can easily purchase the entire front clip of a vehicle from a quality auto part recycler such as Bessler Auto Parts in Kentucky and Ohio.

With the replacement parts on hand, the body shop will begin by removing the damaged panels from your car. They will start sanding down the replacement panels, and bring them into the paint shop where they will be painted to match your vehicle. After the paint has dried, the parts will be sprayed with a protective clear coat finish and left to dry.

Reinstalling parts such as a hood and fenders takes skill to ensure that the alignment looks as good as the factory finish, with no large gaps between the panels. When it’s all said and done, you get your car back, good as new!

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