Spruce Up Your Ride with Recycled Auto Parts

If you purchased your vehicle used or didn’t go for upgraded options at the time of purchase, the good news is that it may not be too late to spruce up your ride with an upgraded engine or bigger and better wheels.

You may have wanted a more powerful engine but didn’t want to pay the high costs associated with new or OEM auto parts, but there is a much more affordable alternative with recycled auto parts.

Upgraded Engines

For example, if you a drive a Chevrolet truck or van with a 305 5.0L engine, there’s a good chance you can have that engine swapped out for a 350 5.7L one to add some extra power, since both engines use the same mounts and are the same size. Drivers of Ford vehicles with a 302 engine can also upgrade to a 351 model in the same fashion.

Premium Wheels

Oftentimes automakers will put standard 14” or 15” steel wheels with hubcaps on their base model vehicles. Most of the time you won’t have any problems with upgrading to 16”, 17” or 18” aluminum or alloy wheels from a higher trim level of the vehicle you drive to enhance its appearance and raise it up a bit.

Quality Recycled Auto Parts

Replacement engines and OEM wheels are just two examples of ways to upgrade your vehicle without paying for expensive parts or replacing it all together! With recycled car parts, you can replace a variety of parts – including transmissions, engines and wheels – whether you simply want to upgrade them or they need to be replaced.

Bessler Auto Parts is the first place to turn to for recycled auto parts in Kentucky and Ohio. Our parts interchange database allows us to find an engine or transmission that will work for your vehicle from other makes or models that use an identical part.

Although the parts at Bessler are recycled, they are all cleaned, inspected and tested and all engines come with a standard 90-day warranty.

Contact Bessler Auto Parts today to find out what parts they have in stock that can be used to spruce up your vehicle!