Recycled Engines: What You Need to Know

When vehicle problems happen, they often seem to come at a time when finances are already tight. A flat tire or a dead battery can be an unexpected expense that throws off your budget. But what if the problem is worse? What if your car throws a connecting rod or the engine seizes up? Having the problem repaired by a mechanic could be very costly due to the labor required. The other option would be to get a new car, but in order to get a reasonable payment, you’d likely need to have a down payment of several thousand dollars to put down on a vehicle that will depreciate significantly once you drive it off of the lot.

remanufactured-enginesFortunately, there is a third option. Instead of replacing your whole vehicle or paying a mechanic to fix a huge problem, you can save time and money by installing a recycled engine. A recycled engine is different from a rebuilt engine.

Recycled means that a qualified auto parts recycler has acquired a total loss vehicle from an insurance company, tested the engine to ensure that it meets original specifications and performance, and removed it carefully from the vehicle. The engine is then cleaned and inspected carefully to sell to the customer.

Compare this to a rebuilt engine, which requires replacement of internal components including but not limited to the crankshaft, pistons, rings, and other parts as necessary. The remainder of the parts that make up the engine are still the original components that may or may not have life left in them. Rebuilt engines typically come at a much higher cost and not all are created equal, so proceed with caution. Recycled engines feature the original components from the manufacturer and are not a reassembled, previously failed engine.

Quality auto parts recyclers such as Bessler Auto Parts provide a standard 90-day warranty on recycled engines, with an option to buy an extended and/or a labor warranty if desired. A recycled engine comes completely assembled (minus the accessories) saving you on the labor to install. Accessories will need to be swapped over from your current engine to the recycled engine prior to installation.

Recycled parts are not only more affordable and practical, they also help save the environment! So think green and buy recycled!