The Environmental Impact of Recycled Auto Parts

Natural resources such as trees, air, fresh water, oil, and many others are not infinite in supply, but that hasn’t slowed the growth of population and the subsequent demand on those resources. That’s why as a society, conservation and recycling is a widely accepted necessity. Automobiles and their parts are no exception. Millions of people around the world use automobiles to get to work, transport belongings, travel and more.

Fortunately, auto manufacturers are beginning to take into account how their products affect the environment and have begun adopting new processes to minimize the drain on natural resources.

One of these evolutions is the expanded use of recycled parts, which reduces the impact broken, destroyed or abandoned automobiles have on the environment. Reusing components from these vehicles not only reduces litter, scrap and junk, but saves the environment from excessive mining needed to generate materials for new automobile manufacturing.

The Environmental Impact of Recycled Auto Parts

Most automobiles manufactured today have steel body frames. Steel can be recycled by being melted down and recast, reducing the need to mine for more iron ore. Additionally, this method requires less coal than the original casting, as the steel is already refined from iron ore and simply needs to be melted down again, reducing greenhouse gasses in the process.

This process not only spares multiple precious resources but also saves time, energy and even money.

Salvage yards are vital to this process, as they take parts that don’t easily break down like steel components. Salvage yards harvest parts from wrecked, destroyed or junk automobiles that can be reused, repaired and resold for later use. Even if an accident totals a car, there’s a chance that many of the vehicle’s parts are perfectly usable.

Salvage yard specialists inspect vehicles for these parts and pull them for consumers looking to purchase an affordable replacement part. Some yards even extract the oils, gasses and fluids from a vehicle to reuse in other functioning vehicles and reduce the chances of fluid leaks, which can seep into the ground and potentially into groundwater.

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