Used Engines and Used Engine Parts from Bessler Auto Parts

When an engine fails, automobile owners have a few options. Some choose to buy a new vehicle, while others replace old motors with used car engines. In fact, used auto engines can save money and add years to the vehicle’s operating life.

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How to Find the Best Used Engine
Vehicle owners are often wary of used auto parts, but a used engine can last as long as your original. A good replacement is one that:

• Has all its parts
• Is relatively low in mileage (under 75,000 miles)
• Is protected by a warranty
• Has been thoroughly inspected

Engine sellers can be found on the internet. You can also call specific sellers, inquiring about the exact type of engine, its condition, and mileage. A vehicle history report will verify this and alert you of past major repairs or accidents. The best engine is one without damage, so always ask about its history and the vehicle it came from.